Design Puffin Freshbooks Review

Freshbooks Review

I’d like to start reviewing some of the products and services I have found useful in my freelance design career. As freelancers and business owners there are a lot of tools out there to make our lives easier. There are also a … Read More

Ben Brush Design Vector Texture Tutorial

How to Make a Vector Texture Set

The most popular resource I’ve ever put together was a Vector Texture Set I offered up on my old blog. ( ) It was inspired by a texture set I downloaded from Spoon Graphics. I downloaded it when he first posted it. I found … Read More

start your freelance career Design Puffin

Start Your Freelance Career Ebook Giveaway

Earlier this week I got my hands on a new ebook called Start Your Freelance Career. It’s written by my friend Brent Galloway. I first found out  about the book at the start of February, when he posted a teaser on his … Read More


The Book of Hearts

Valentine’s day, more than any other holiday, has a logo. A classic shape traced back as early as the 13th century; its true origins shrouded in mystery. The shape is the very abstracted and yet completely universal representation of a … Read More

Design Puffin Creative Block

5 Tips for Beating Creative Block

From time to time most of us experience creative block. No matter how long you stare at your work the ideas won’t come. Overcoming it can seem impossible. When you are a creative, no ideas means no work. When you’re … Read More